1. freelancermari

    What is a special dish from your culture that everyone should try?

    Adobo is a traditional Filipino meal with a distinctive taste and a slightly acidic taste. This delightful stew has soft meat, usually chicken and pork, marinated in a rich blend of garlic, soy sauce, bay leaves, and vinegar. What makes Adobo truly unique is that some people in the Philippines...
  2. freelancermari

    What is your best technique to improve a simple dish?

    As I work online and spend most of my time at home, I take advantage of the opportunity to explore and cook different local dishes. I believe in the value of preparing home-cooked meals, not only to save money but also to have full control over the ingredients I have. Despite my quite busy...
  3. M

    Should pineapple go on pizza??

    the question that always starts a fight lol vote in the poll