1. freelancermari

    What unique materials have you utilized in your arts and crafts projects?

    During my younger years, I frequently engaged in arts and crafts to ease boredom. I recall incorporating some materials into my creations, including flowers, leaves, and twigs sourced from our family garden. In addition, I repurposed used boxes received on special occasions to add a unique touch...
  2. Shortie

    What inspired you to start creating art or crafts?

    For some of us, we tend to be into arts and crafts from a young age but others tend to get into them a little later in life. If you are into arts and crafts, what inspired you to start? Was it something you became interested in at a young age or later in life?
  3. SeanQuinn87

    Building A Corner Partition (To Hide Boiler In Bedroom)

    As i am in the middle of redecorating one of the bedrooms in my house, it is now time to building get building the corner partition i need to hide away neatly the boiler that sits in the corner of the bedroom. Please excuse my rubbish graphics work lol but hopefully from my photo above you...
  4. SeanQuinn87

    Redecorating My Boy's Bedroom (Progress Thread)

    So i have decided to make a start with decorating the other bedroom in my house for my boy Jak to have as an actual kids bedroom for him instead of it just being a plain, spare room that he uses when staying with me. :p I have started to empty all the stuff out of the room. As you will notice in...
  5. SeanQuinn87

    Anyone done Wallpapering / Lining Paper?

    Has anyone here on the forum done any wallpapering or put up lining paper before? Im going to do one of the rooms in my house on Sunday and if there is any tips i should know for doing it, would be good to hear? :D
  6. SeanQuinn87

    My Boy Is Making A Chicken..

    My boy is making a Chicken from clay. :P It is made from modeling clay and a lollipop sticks for legs, a very small peg for the beak and googly eyes for, well, eyes lol. :D Once it has dried and went hard, it will be painted and ill reply on here with his finished work. :P