1. R

    Still play retro games?

    Are you one of the gamers who still enjoy retro video games? In my case they are the games that I like the most, for a long time I have been playing more retro video games than new releases, I consider that before better video games were made and more emphasis was placed on pleasing the player...
  2. E

    Do you think it is okay for adults to play games?

    When it comes to the issue of gaming, there are does who feel games are mostly ment for kids and probably young adults, and they view adults who play games as unserious persons. On the other hand there are games ment for mature audience, and most adults see games as a way to relax and calm...
  3. E

    What difficulty level do you normally play your games

    For most games there are usually different difficulty levels you can choose from such as easy, normal, hard and extra hard. When I play games I usually choose normal then in very rare cases I play it on difficult. What difficulty level do you normally use?
  4. E

    Upcoming games

    Are there any upcoming games you are looking forward to? Personally I can't wait for the GTA vi to come out, and hopefully it would be available on PC pretty soon. Are you expecting any game? If yes, what game are you expecting?
  5. E

    Games with awesome storylines

    What makes a good game? While most people tend to focus a lot on the game play and graphics, I think there is a lot more than that. A game could have good graphics and game play, but if the plot is bad, I feel the game has failed. I played my first legend of Zelda on the Nintendo 64 back then...
  6. cpvr

    Forum Virtualpetlist - The Online Games discussion forum

    Virtual Pet List is an online community dedicated to the discussion of Pet games, sim games, and online games. Our community prides itself in providing players, owners and fans of the online digital pets & sim games community with up to date news within the gaming world. So, if you’re looking to...
  7. Jason2022

    PC vs Console Games in 2024

    How would you compare the two? How does the comparison now look like compared to the past? Do you like PC games more or console?
  8. Jason2022

    Console Games for 2024

    What have you bought? What do you like? How would you compare new stuff to older games?
  9. Jason2022

    PC Games for 2024

    What do you see coming out that you like? What do you own? How would you compare the new stuff to the old?
  10. fords8

    Steam Dropped 6 Games for January for Free to Keep

    Summoners War: “A global hit RPG that captured the Summoners all around the world! Jump into the Sky Arena, a world under battle over the vital resource: Mana Crystals. Design your own deck and strategy using over 1,500 Monsters to claim victory. Go on an epic adventure with your Monsters!”...
  11. Shortie

    If you could see any game remade and released again, what game would you choose?

    We have seen many games released over the years but as new consoles are released, some games that we once loved may no longer be playable. In some cases, games can be remade and released again on more recent consoles after being remade and it got me thinking, what games others would love to see...
  12. M

    What's your favourite retro gaming console? this could cause arguments lol

    I'm getting a bit nostalgic thinking about how much fun I used to have playing my old consoles. I had them all, well mostly. I know it's like asking you to choose who is your favourite kid but what is your favourite retro gaming console??
  13. SeanQuinn87

    Count To 123 (with Board Game Names)

    So each member posting in this thread / in this game will write the next number to the number the latest reply has and also write the name o a board game. The board game can be any board game, from any country and can start with any letter of the alphabet, but the number you write with it must...
  14. SeanQuinn87

    Suggest Me Some Good Zombie Games? (Xbox One)

    Can i get some suggestions on good Zombie Games that are out just now for the Xbox One console? :P I used to play Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 but haven't really found another one similar that matches up to them. :P
  15. SeanQuinn87

    Who Is Your Pokémon GO Buddy?

    Who is your Buddy in Pokémon GO? :D What distance have you walked with your Buddy so far? :P What is your Candy target for your current Pokémon GO Buddy?
  16. fords8

    GameStop is introducing a 6-month binge program called Power Pass - here's how it works