1. nomad

    How Much Would You Spend on a Gaming PC?

    I have a gaming laptop and I spent $1400 about three years ago. I am thinking about getting a gaming desktop computer and I am willing to invest as much as $3000. I cannot go beyond that. But the kind of computer I want needs at least $5000. How much would you spend on a Gaming PC
  2. E

    Pro gaming

    While most of us play games for fun or pleasure, there are does who actually play games as a profession and they get paid for it. Have you ever thought about going into pro gaming? Personally I sont think am that good in gaming to go into pro gaming.
  3. Jason2022

    Is gaming too addictive?

    Some parents want to eliminate or limit time on gaming. In fact, I went to this church once that didn't allow gaming, saying it was a waste of time. Anyway, though, I think it can be addictive and obviously not good for you, but maybe kids need to learn this on their own. It's kind of like...
  4. Shortie

    Are you addicted to any games at the moment?

    It's not too often now that I find a game I can play and become addicted to. Usually, the one game I end up getting addicted to when I play it and can spend way longer on it than I should do is Destiny 2 and that is why I try and avoid playing it when I have things to do. Are there any games...
  5. Shortie

    Do you see cryptocurrency being available for things like game purchases in the future?

    With cryptocurrency becoming more popular at the moment and us seeing it used more widely now for purchases, do you see cryptocurrency being available for things like game purchases in the future or do you feel we are a long way from that yet? As much as I would love to see cryptocurrency...
  6. Shortie

    What was it that got you into gaming?

    Anyone who is into gaming had one thing happen in their life that got them into gaming. It may be something such as a family member asking you to play a video game with them and you enjoyed it and started playing video games yourself or it could be from something else. I got into gaming when...
  7. Shortie

    Do you prefer to play mobile games on a tablet or a phone?

    When it comes to playing mobile games, everyone has their own preference as to the size of the screen they prefer to play games on and that will depend on if they are happy using a mobile phone or a tablet for their mobile gaming. I myself at the moment only have a phone that I can play games...
  8. fords8

    Xbox Gaming on Your Samsung Smart TV; No Console Required
  9. M

    Who would win a fight 'The Masterchief HALO v Markus Fenix GEARS OF WAR'

    We all love our characters from our favourite games but if the world depended on it and you had to choose , who would win ? lol
  10. M

    whats your favourite first person shooter game ?

    There may be many favourites but if there was a gun to your head what would it be and why?
  11. SeanQuinn87

    Count To 123 (with Board Game Names)

    So each member posting in this thread / in this game will write the next number to the number the latest reply has and also write the name o a board game. The board game can be any board game, from any country and can start with any letter of the alphabet, but the number you write with it must...
  12. SeanQuinn87

    PlayStation Network Usernames

    So this is the Official list of PlayStation Network Gamers here on Peak Forums! Peak Staff.. PlayStation Username (Genre, Genre, Genre) [MIC] PlayStation Username (Genre, Genre, Genre) [MIC] PlayStation Username (Genre, Genre, Genre) [MIC] Peak Rangers.. PlayStation Username (Genre, Genre...
  13. SeanQuinn87

    Xbox Live GamerTags

    So this is the Official list of Xbox Live Gamers here on Peak Forums! Peak Staff.. SE4NQ87 (Football, Shooting, Tycoon) [MIC] Xbox Live Gamertag (Genre, Genre,Genre) [MIC] Xbox Live Gamertag (Genre, Genre,Genre) [MIC] Peak Rangers.. Xbox Live Gamertag (Genre, Genre,Genre) [MIC] Xbox Live...
  14. SeanQuinn87

    Sam The Snake (Smart TV Game)

    Has anyone else got this game on their smart tv? :p Its on mine, i have played it a few times, including in the video below. :P It can be a bit annoying though as the remote for my tv has buttons that pop back up very slowly after pressing them so it is hard to get the snake to make quick turns...
  15. SeanQuinn87

    A to Z (Sports Team)

    So each person replies with the name of a team / club that plays in some kind of sport. Sports can be Football, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, whatever. :P I shall start of with ABERDEEN who are a Scottish Football Club. :D
  16. SeanQuinn87

    Suggest Me Some Good Zombie Games? (Xbox One)

    Can i get some suggestions on good Zombie Games that are out just now for the Xbox One console? :P I used to play Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 but haven't really found another one similar that matches up to them. :P
  17. SeanQuinn87

    Who Is Your Pokémon GO Buddy?

    Who is your Buddy in Pokémon GO? :D What distance have you walked with your Buddy so far? :P What is your Candy target for your current Pokémon GO Buddy?
  18. fords8

    Mega Man 11 is Coming

    It is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 And PC.