1. fords8

    PS5 Pro Specs Leaked, Rumored For Holiday 2024 Launch

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  2. Shortie

    Do you have any holidays planned for 2023?

    At the moment, 2023 seems to be flying by and it got me wondering if anyone has any holidays planned where they will be going either to somewhere different in the country they live in or whether they will be traveling abroad for a holiday this year at some point. As much as I would love to...
  3. SeanQuinn87

    Off To Tenerife In The Morning!

    So i am off to Tenerife in the morning. :D Cant Wait!! :D :D
  4. SeanQuinn87

    Have you been to Wales?

    Has anyone here been to wales on holiday or even just for the weekend or day down there? :P I have been thinking of going to Cardiff for a week or weekend for a few nights out on the town. :D
  5. SeanQuinn87

    Im going to Tenerife in 4 Weeks!

    I am very excited to be going to Tenerife in 4 weeks time! I love it there and its going to be amazing going there again, this time for the New Year. :D