1. Baw$e

    Does music motivate you?

    What are some songs that help motivate you to be productive? Do you listen to these songs everyday?
  2. Jason2022

    Do you primarily like music from another time?

    I was born in 1976, but my main musical taste isn't the 90s and 2000s when I was in my young adulthood. In fact, I prefer classic 70s rock, even stuff from the 60s. Anyway, this isn't saying I didn't enjoy stuff like Snoop Dogg and Pearl Jam back in the day, though.
  3. Jason2022

    Music From the 1950s

    Who likes stuff like Buddy Holly or Elvis or Hank Williams? Did you live then or did your parents? My parents came from that era, though, they graduated in the early 60s.
  4. Shortie

    If you could go see any singer live, who would you go see?

    Over the years I have been to see many people live in concert. From Barry Manilow to Five and even A1, Atomic Kitten and so many more I have had my fair share of concert fun. Nowadays though I am not sure how well I would do in a crowded arena during a concert as I haven't been to a concert in...
  5. M

    hotel california cover, young talent

  6. M

    john entwhistle, best bass guitarist ever.

  7. M

    john frusciante best solo's (quality!)