1. Shortie

    Do you prefer to shop during the day or on a night?

    Many stores nowadays tend to open 24 hours allowing shoppers to be able to shop during the day when it could be at it's busiest or even late on a night when it's a lot quieter and they feel more relaxed when it comes to shopping. I myself, when I have to head out to get some shopping, will...
  2. Shortie

    What do you find you forget when you head out?

    Whenever I head out, I always seem to forget something and it either leads to me having to head back to get it or just forget about it and go without it instead. Just the other day I wrote a list of things that I needed so I didn't forget whilst I was out as that tends to happen especially when...
  3. SeanQuinn87

    Name Your Local Book Store?

    What is the name of the local book store where you buy books from?
  4. SeanQuinn87

    What is a good Printer with not to expensive ink refills?

    What is a good make of a Printer that the ink lasts a decent length of time and the ink refills aren't too expensive? :P