1. K

    Time Travel- Would you rather travel to the past or the future?

    Imagine that you have the power to travel in time out of the present. And the two options are for you to travel to the future or you travel to the past. Which one would you rather take? I would love to travel to the future personally so that I can have the knowledge of what is to come. What of...
  2. freelancermari

    How do you try to limit your environmental impact when traveling?

    We are now seeing the effects of climate change, which are becoming more severe as time passes by. As someone who occasionally travels, I make a conscious effort to minimize my environmental impact by staying at eco-friendly accommodations. They are committed to implementing sustainable...
  3. SeanQuinn87

    Off To Tenerife In The Morning!

    So i am off to Tenerife in the morning. :D Cant Wait!! :D :D
  4. SeanQuinn87

    Do you like being on planes?

    How are you with being on a plane? Does it scare you? or Do you like it up there? :P I dont like it, i am not scared enough that i wont go on them, i do go on planes for going on holidays, etc.. but i dont really like it lol. :P
  5. SeanQuinn87

    By which means do you travel to work?

    What method of transport do you use to get to work? Bike? Car? Bus? Taxi Train? Boat? or Do you just walk to work and dont use any of the above mentioned types of transport? :P For me, i travel to work on the Train. :D What about you?
  6. SeanQuinn87

    Have you been to Wales?

    Has anyone here been to wales on holiday or even just for the weekend or day down there? :P I have been thinking of going to Cardiff for a week or weekend for a few nights out on the town. :D
  7. SeanQuinn87

    Im going to Tenerife in 4 Weeks!

    I am very excited to be going to Tenerife in 4 weeks time! I love it there and its going to be amazing going there again, this time for the New Year. :D