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  1. SeanQuinn87

    Xbox Live GamerTags

    So this is the Official list of Xbox Live Gamers here on Peak Forums! Peak Staff.. SE4NQ87 (Football, Shooting, Tycoon) [MIC] Xbox Live Gamertag (Genre, Genre,Genre) [MIC] Xbox Live Gamertag (Genre, Genre,Genre) [MIC] Peak Rangers.. Xbox Live Gamertag (Genre, Genre,Genre) [MIC] Xbox Live...
  2. SeanQuinn87

    Suggest Me Some Good Zombie Games? (Xbox One)

    Can i get some suggestions on good Zombie Games that are out just now for the Xbox One console? :P I used to play Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 but haven't really found another one similar that matches up to them. :P
  3. fords8

    Goodbye, Kinect: Microsoft officially ends manufacturing for the Xbox One sensor