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10-Year-Old Badly Injured in Fitchburg, Ma Train Accident


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A 10-year-old boy is brought on a stretcher to an ambulance on First Street in Fitchburg, MA after he was struck by a train on Friday. Photo by Rich Little of Fitchburg

Read more: http://www.sentinelandenterprise.co...njured-fitchburg-train-accident#ixzz2db3DZJbC

The reason I am posting this is because this 10 year old is my dad's friend kid. Mother was off at work and the dad does drugs and was the one that should of been watching his 2 boys. His 6 year old brother seen the whole thing. The 10 year old lost one leg from the knee down. I don't know the whole story of how it happened.
The story doesn't clarify a huge amount, but a ten year old and six year old playing together, without supervision near train tracks. If I had children I wouldn't let them near a road without me or a trusted adult with them at that age, let alone near any train.
I wouldn't let my kids out like that either when they were younger. Because of the age, they won't release a lot of info on them and what happened.
Understandably. People make me sick, particularly when the issues that effect others are due to their drug misuse. Since when are drugs more important than someones life or livelihood?
When you have a drug problem nothing else much matters.
This is awful. Stories like this have an even greater effect on you after you've had a kid, I would never let my son play out by tracks even with supervision.
Meh, some people don't need drugs to be the selfish *insert bad word here*s that they are.