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A Song of Ice and Fire, by G.R.R Martin


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A Song of Ice and Fire is a series of epic fantasy novels written by American novelist and screenwriter George R. R. Martin. Martin began the series in 1991 and published the first volume, A Game of Thrones, in 1996. Martin gradually extended the originally planned trilogy into seven volumes. The fifth installment, A Dance with Dragons, took Martin five years to write before it was published in 2011. The sixth book, The Winds of Winter, is currently being written.

Though initially published without great fanfare, the books in the series have now sold more than 15 million copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 20 languages. The fourth and fifth volumes reached the top of The New York Times Best Seller lists upon their releases. Among the many derived works are three prequel novellas, the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, a comic book adaptation, and several card, board, and video games.

I started the first book about, not even two weeks ago; before that, I had started watching the series (more than a year ago) and fell in love with it instantly.
Now that I'm reading the books, the lonnnnng wait for the fourth season is at least being "filled".

I'm quickly falling in love with George's writing (I'm reading it in english) and ohlords how I am loving these books (well, I'm still in the first one so I'm pretty green still!)
What do you guys think of the books, if you're reading them/read them already? :D
Never read them and never watched Game of Thrones. I'm thinking I probably should because everyone loves it :p
I'm quite the opposite. I got about halfway through the first book before I gave up. I find his writing to be substandard, and he appears to have ADHD, what with how often he gets bored and kills off a character or two.
i have no idea how i was able to blow through the first 3 books in a little over 2 weeks
but i did
i enjoy them, but i mainly really enjoy the realness of the characters and how well developed they are. i also dig that there's no real need for like ROMANCE AND KISSING AND HEROICS. it's very realistic in how a lot of that sort of world would be heavily based on politics and stuff. p neat

but jesus christ is this **** heavy as **** like what the hell 800 pages and like 600 of them are describing the ****ing grass under a horses feet
aND SOME OF THE CHARACTERS POV'S ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BORING catelyn **** stark more like *shoots myself in the leg to get out of the army*
don't get me started on the fourth book. i have hit a wall with this thing. i don't know how i'm going to be able to dig through this. god **** aND THE FIFTH IS JUST ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE OF THE FOURTH'S JUNK

still love it though. i stuck around for the characters. i like how they die; it makes them so mortal rather than 'well they have a really huge role, no way will they die!' nyop. axe through the head

i mainly started reading them because my friends all read it so i was like si ii i iGHH I GUESS I HAVE TO
^ omg hahaha XD
I'm in the middle of the first one now. Going smoothly because I only read it before sleep. But I am utterly enjoying it. And I don't want to read it too fast because I don't want the torture of the series to be that soon HAHA. :p
I just finished reading the first book in this series about a week or two ago. Based off what I've read so far, I'm pleased with how this series has started out. I also like how the author writes through the point of view of several different characters rather than the story focusing in on one central character.

I haven't started watching the tv show yet. I want to get to finish reading the books before I watch the show because I don't want the show to taint my view of the books.