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[align=justify]I know many would think whether a review is needed for this. But for few starters our review/guide might help.

* Ad options:

It is definitely one of the best ad networks ever and you have lot of ad options to choose from. Good no of banner size, types are available to choose from. A single code can be implemented in 'n' of websites. But for a website 3 is restricted. This is done to make sure the users experience with the site doesn't get affected. It has the CPC, CPM options and it really depends upon the traffic you get.

It has one of the largest advertisers, it displays ad by studying your site's niche and users. So nothing can beat this till now.

* Payment:

As many knew, Google pay its users through cheque. The threshold for it is $100, once you reach it. Google will send you the verification code and later the payment will be processed. So make sure you have decent web traffic to earn money.

* Down sides of Adsense:

As it is provided by Google we can say it is the best, but everything has some drawbacks/downside.

1) Many users account have been banned stating, 'Click fraud', 'Your site didn't meet the policy', 'Your site possess greater risk for the advertiser' and most of the time without no reason.

2) The payment is done only when you reach $100 and many users haven't been payed. They are waiting for the verification code to confirm and get the money and if they are verified it is being delayed.

3) No support, they don't provide help or support when your account is disabled or banned. All you get is an automated message which is of now use. Appeal to get back your site is 99% useless.

Google Adsense may have good and downsides, but it still remains the no1 ad networks which pays payment to its users.

If you like to add few valid points, feel free to add it.:thumb:[/align]