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Am I the only one who found LOTR: War in the North really fun?


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I know this is an older game but I just recently played it and found it so fun that I started over with the dwarf (I first played with the human)! I'm aware it has some bugs like the one in Barrow Downs where my PC has a couple of issues and keeps lagging from time to time, but I still enjoy it.

I have an ATI video card and I?ve heard these have serious problems running this game. Nonetheless the game is playable and like I said, I?m replaying it right after I finished it. I find the weapons and armor upgrades really addicting! I constantly look for loot just to see what new weapons I find and get more coins!

I have a sword that gives me 4 times the coins and it?s pretty sweet! One time I found a chest with over 4000 coins in it! I was "WOW! This sword is AWESOME!". If you are wondering, I got the sword in Rivendell after completing a quest.

Has anyone else found it really addicting? Is anyone still playing this?
I had saw it on the Steam store a while back but never got around to purchasing/playing it. I heard it was mediocre at best. I might get it when I see it on sale for a reasonable price though.
I really liked it, up to a certain point. Then it became a glitchy mess of a game that shouldn't have passed QA.