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Another typical newbie topic...

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Yeah. I've never been good at posting interesting things. Especially about myself but here I go...

I'm from England, I love Anime, gaming and chatting. I'm currently an admin of a forum that I feel I put more effort into that the actual owner and I'm chewing on a cookie right now.

Thank you. It's chocolate chip so you know what you're missing out on, haha. I quite like the layout of this site, I think this is going to be one of my daily forums from now on. ;)
Heheh glad to hear it.
And ooh. Is that Envy from FMA in your Avatar? I've not seen/read that in ages. (I only have the first voume of the manga... :eek: Finished the first anime though. :p )

Edit: Actually it might not be. It's been too long. :p
But it looks like them! :O

And yeah, it's Envy. I've read the entire manga, the movie and both animes. You can basically find the entire thing online, it's really something worthwhile. I love it! :D
Welcome to the forum; where did you find out about us? :)

Enjoy your stay!
Welcome it is nice to meet you.

Come to confab we got chocolate cookies to tempt you with! :)
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