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Which antivirus do you use? Which is your favourite?

I use AVG and Spybot. They are both free and they both work perfect. :D
I use Avast Home Edition 7
I use Microsoft Security Essentials. It's better than Norton and Mcaffe. I was always having trouble getting rid of viruses with thosse but now if any ads have viruses I dont get anything or it's cleaned up straight away.
Norton and Mcaffe consumes more Cpu usage compared to other AV (my thought)
I got ms essentials. Hence why I don't spend a dime on anti-viruses.
Does it defends from most of the viruses.
I am using Norton Antivirus Internet Security. The program is providing my fully protection on the internet and for my computer.
Could you tell us the version of Norton.
My all time favorite is Kaspersky Internet Security. Using it for 3 years without any problem..
I too love Kaspersky... i can it is one of the best AV.
I use AVG and Super AntiSpyware which work quite well together and are quite lite
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WiscoPack said:
I use Microsoft Security Essentials and it free. works very well no problem whats so ever.

Me too, got no issues with MSE, and I love how its clean, and silent running too.
Oh i see, then i should start using MSE.
Jason said:
Oh i see, then i should start using MSE.

yep indeed, you should start using it, its a snazzy anti-virus... very effective and its got lots of potential and easy to use and etc. Very smooth, liking it a lot.
I prefer McAfee personally. It is a great program, and requires little to no use. It does everything for you, and catches any site that has virus's before it is to late. You rarely have to do anything manually, as it does it for you.