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Are you a morning or night person?


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Just a curiousity, but at one time of the day would you consider yourself most productive?
I believe a lot of you will say you are more attuned at night - I probably would say that too.

However, I have started to notice that I've started to lose my edge at night - I'm becoming more tired earlier than usual (Perhaps from the side-effects on my medication)

At this point, I seem to be pretty equally awful at both times now - this morning I woke up and just couldn't hold anything properly. I kept dropping things. :rolleyes: At night, I tend to pass out by midnight. :eek:

I think perhaps I'm becoming more attuned to being up during the day though - I have been waking up earlier, and as long as I get a decent night sleep, then I CAN function well enough.

How about you, Confabbers?
I like the mornings once I've had breakfast and a cuppa tea :) makes me feel good and fresh!
I like mornings, I just don't like getting up. I function pretty well in the morning so long as I'm doing something I want to do.
I have been a night person for a long time, don't think I ever saw my bed before 12. But recently I've started waking up at silly hours such as 7 and 8am and I quite like it :eek:
I'm morning over night, but early afternoon over any other time. That gives me a chance to have woken up properly and that's when I'm the most productive.
I'd like to say at night but only if I'm actually awake. When I'm tired I just fail at everything completely.
Maybe I was wrong, as right now I feel pretty awake and it's 1:06am. But that could be because of how hard it is to sleep in this heat, particularly when you're sitting on your laptop which probably isn't helping. :rolleyes:
I'm not really a morning person, at least until I've had breakfast and a cup of tea :) Saying that I'm generally productive in the mornings and evenings. However, I slump a little in the afternoons. Anyone have any suggestions on how to be more productive in the afternoons?
It totally depends on what day of the week it is, and what I have going on.
Weekends are a lazy time for me. My ol' man is home all day and I don't need to be rushing around getting all the domestic stuff taken care of while he's at work. HE can make the bed, or run the vacuum or whatever.
I'm up at a pretty early hour every day of the week, though. I usually get up by 6, but it takes me a while to get moving. I need my coffee and complete silence for a while before I can function.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to be more productive in the afternoons?

You say you eat breakfast, [MENTION=1807]Fergal[/MENTION], but what do you have? A good breakfast will pump up your metabolism and give you the proper energy to tackle your day. High fiber and protein, low fat. A vitamin B12 supplement is good for everyone and that's what you need for energy. Don't stuff down a big, heavy lunch, either. Something light with a few good carbs. That will help prevent the afternoon slump.
I am without a doubt a night person. Nighttime is when I am the most relaxed, and at the same time the most awake. I am also more alert and inspired to do things. It's basically my favourite time of the "day".
As for mornings, I don't really like them. I have such a hard time getting out of bed seeing as I'm a very deep sleeper. I also just don't like leaving my bed. And then when I do get up I just don't feel as comfortable as I do during the night. So yes, night owl it is. :)
Thanks for the advice [MENTION=1290]Smooth[/MENTION], I eat what I think is quite a healthy breakfast. Porridge made with milk and some raisins and honey added. It's in the afternoon that I sometimes slump. Lunch could be the problem, I will try to start eating healthier mid day meals and see if that helps.