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Are you following any sort of diet right now?


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Hi guys! I'm not following a diet right now, but I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible and I'm also counting calories. I'd like to lose some weight, mostly because the doctor recommended it :eek: I've tried several diets in the past, to be honest none of them seemed to work for me; not because they weren't effective, it's just I felt so restricted and fell off the wagon constantly. It was so hard to keep myself motivated to follow a diet that only allowed me to eat certain things :( I guess that's the reason it's called a diet, lol!

That's why I'm now counting calories, someone said counting calories is outdated, to which I replied: ''I don't care, it has worked for me and have no reason to stop!''.

This might sound like a weird question, but is any of you following any sort of diet o trying to watch what you eat?
I am not one of those people who are following a diet. I like to live my life where I know that I'm never restricting any of my cravings. I feel like we need to all watch what we eat but at the same time if we are having a major craving we need to allow ourselves to have it once in a while. The key is having a balance where you keep in mind what you eat every moment of the day. I always try to choose the more healthier version of food when I am in a restaurant. For example if I know that I'm going to have dessert later I usually try to just drink water at lunchtime and have a light salad because those calories from sweets will add on later.
Sometimes taking care of yourself means eating healthy; sometimes it's eating chocolate, sweets and other things you have a taste for.

I recently decided to start controlling my eating habits more because I know I could be leaner and more confident about myself that way. XD
I try to eat 1000 calories more than what I need, but I hardly manage, hence I'm forever skinny.
I'm on the classic 'see food' diet.
I see food, I eat it.

Yay metabolism! :applause:
Honestly, I suck at dieting.
Where I eat pretty healthy stuff in general though, I'm doing okay I guess.
I'm going to try and start dieting next week. My eating habits haven't been great lately and it'd be nice to lose a little weight.
I suck at following any kind of diet. I'm underweight, but a lot of the time, I'm just not hungry. When I am hungry, though, I eat a lot of stuff that I'm not supposed to eat, like a see food diet.
I am currently trying to lose weight as I gained a lot in the past year and it actually worsened some stretch marks I got previously from rapidly changing during puberty. Anyway, I am trying to eat healthier and trying to exercise more but it isn't always easy. I slipped a bit tonight and had a bagel with cream cheese. Not the brightest idea out there, I know...

Anyways, I'm generally eating healthier than I was before so I am happy that's working out. I just need to exercise a bit more... okay, a lot more.
Yes, I'm trying to cut out the fatty foods.
I've started to go the gym, so I really want to lose weight. Dieting is a must.

Unfortunately, my family have now decided they want to bring all the bloody temptations in.

"Hey, Michael. Do you want a super chocolately fudge ****in?"
"No. I'm on a diet."
"Oh. Are you sure?"
"Please stop."