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Are you unhappy when single?


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Are you unhappy when single? If so, how do you cope?

Personally I was always 50/50 when I was single. I desired companionship, but I was content being alone. Now-a-days I couldn't imagine myself with Lauren so I doubt very much I would be happy if I were made single again.
I'm relieved to say, not at all. :) Of course breakups hurt, but it eventually all turned out alright and I was able to go into another relationship after being really happy whilst single.
I was okay when single and although I desired a loving relationship I never felt unhappy because I wasn't in a relationship. However, now I can't imagine life without my Kirk and if I were made single again I would be very unhappy.
I am happy being single, although if I have a crush on some one, or have feelings for some one, like I currently have, then I hate it.
It sucks even more when the person you like is a fantastic friend. But yeah, I am happy when single if I like nobody.
Sort of.

I desire companionship, I hate in-your-face couples, but at the same time I'm not giving up my freedom unless it's for the right person.
I've been single all my life, and I honestly think that if you can't make yourself happy then how could you make yourself and your partner happy?

People rely on others too much.
No. I grew up quite isolated from others; I'm a lot more sociable nowadays (Moreso than most others, I'd dare say) but I have always been content by myself. Other people may add to my life but a lack of them shall never detract from it, and relationships of a sexual and or romantic focus are much the same.
I've been single all my life, I rather not have my heart broken as a high schooler. I can wait, no rush.
I'm not particularly fussed. Of course I enjoy being in a relationship, but on the flip side I'm just as happy on my own.
I'm pretty comfortable and happy being single. I've never really actively seeked a relationship and appear quite up-tight when it comes to guys coming onto me. I get very judgmental at that point, I don't want to waste time and emotions on people that really couldn't be worth it so I am extremely picky and will make it clear straight away.
Well I've never been in like a serious relationship, and whenever I feel like being social I like just going out to have a good time with my friends. At the moment I don't really wanna be tied up with one person ygm :/
I'm 50/50 on it, I can get romantically frustrated when I was single.

Now I'm going out with Kay, I simply cannot imagine myself without her. I never loved a girl so much, sadly it's an ldr tho, but we're still going strong!
No Even I am very happy to be single .. Because i think that days is free from tensions or emotions.. You are free to do what yu like..