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Art of Relaxing!


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So to mind your own physical and emotional well-being at all times is the end goal of life. Suicide is not the answer to all your problems! It only makes more problems and issues with the living people after you're dead. And has it solved the issue at hand by dying yourself? Nope. It hasn't. So to solve the issue at hand and that's the most urgent or important is how to relax. Bearing that in mind, you shouldn't be having any suicidal or negative thoughts, emotions and feelings anymore personally. Yes, I have insomnia, however, rather to commit suicide, I've decided to manage it however I want it and make it a useful and pleasant moment for myself. If I can do it, you can too. How about you? How do you personally yourself manage stress and anxiety or negativity personally?
I day at a time. Try to plan a little.
I take days to rest. It is one of the ways that I get to manage stress. I understand that it is going to he overwhelming sometimes for people, but that is one way that I get to have a good rest and fully recharged.
One thing I have learned about myself is how I should never feel guilty about taking time out for myself whether it be a few days say at the weekend or just one day a week where I have a day where I do something like play a video game, watch a movie or just do something else. Taking that time to relax and focus on yourself can make you feel so much better in life and less overwhelmed as well. The feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling like you do not get a break is what leads to depression and also in some cases suicidal thoughts.

You should always plan out your days so that you have time to focus on yourself.