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I am a member of the local athletics/running club. I will generally do sprinting races such as 100m, 200m or 400m, but will sometimes take part in cross country races or 1500m runs. I guess I'm ok at running, but many are better than me. Does anyone else run? What is their favourite distance? Does anyone else take part in any other sort of athletics (e.g.long jump)?
I do 100m and the 4x100 relay on last leg. My personal best at the 100m was 11 seconds but I recon I can probably beat that now
I had to walk up a hill today...?

I'm not a very athletic person, but I'd like to be more active at some point.
I can't run distance. I'm a good sprinter, or at least I was. I need to get fit again but even when I was fit and healthy, 1500m did not fly :p
I was on the school cross country team :D They offered me a place and I said yes just to miss lessons but I actually enjoyed it in the end

On sports day I always did 800m and high jump... I was worst person ever at shotput because I could barely lift it haha