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Bad Breath can be caused by many things,cavities, dentures, smoking, alcohol, lung infection, throat infection, everything from certain foods to poor oral hygiene. So here are some tips that may help you with bad breath.

# Brush your teeth after every meal.

# Chew some cardamom seeds to sweeten your breath. The aromatic flavor in cardamom is a breath fresher. It is an effective home remedy for bad breath.

# Add 1 lemon juice with some sugar and salt to a glass of water and drink it often.

# Parsley is a great food to neutralizer. It's leaves are rich in chlorophyll, nature's own deodorizer. Chew some leaves for fresh breath. It is also a good remedy for bad breath.
Some very good advice. Also using floss to clean out any food particles trapped between teeth can also help.
except in my case...

I have a thing and so did my dad and mom. The food stays behind my tonsil and forms a small ball which can be there for weeks. I don't know it's there until it falls. I have no way of getting it out .

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And it smells a lot
Oh man that sounds bad if the ball gets really big. Do they come out when you sleep? [MENTION=5]Riven[/MENTION]
Sometimes when i sleep, sometimes when i am eating, sometimes it falls out of nothing.. this time i was brushing my teeth
****, I only brush my teeth twice a day and chew gum/mints.
I've been doing it wrong all these years.
except in my case...

I have a thing and so did my dad and mom. The food stays behind my tonsil and forms a small ball which can be there for weeks. I don't know it's there until it falls. I have no way of getting it out .

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And it smells a lot

Those things. I have them too. >.<

Sometimes I feel them in the back of my mouth. It's irritating, and then when it finally comes out, it's the most foul thing I've ever smelled, aside from my mom's farts. It's pretty close, though.

I've never had them come out on their own. It's always when I try to get them out by creating suction with my tongue.

What's odd is how they sorta come and go. I never had one until around a year or two ago. Sometimes, I'll have two or three at once, and I've even had four or five in one week before. But other times, I'll go a whole month, if not two, without ever feeling anything behind my tonsils.
yeah like me... For example, about 3 days ago, i felt it... I knew it was about to come out. So I started to push it (like when you have something between your mouth and your throat, you kinda pull it) but it was too far back and it didnt come. After a while it just fell and i swallowed it.

I think eating fast might have something to do with it though..

i cannot explain why sometimes it takes months to create one and other times it's already big after a couple weeks.
That's called a tonsillolith, or a tonsil stone. Basically, your tonsils have small holes in them called crypts that food and bacteria collect in. They can calcify and become huge, hard and painful. They're generally harmless, but can definitely cause bad breath! I started getting them recently. After I got mono, I developed large holes in my tonsils that weren't there before! :/
If I've brushed my teeth already and they need freshening up still, I floss and it makes a surprisingly huge difference!
As Danielle said, those balls are tonsil stones.
The reason they cause bad breath is due to the bacteria, mucus and rotting food particles that are getting caught in the crypts in your tonsils. I once had two stones in one of my tonsil within about 3 weeks of each other. I self-sterilized a bobby-pin and picked it out myself. Luckily, they were very small and haven't returned since.
Apparently, gargling salty water can help ease discomfort if you have it, or your GP can prescribe you some antibiotics.
I brush my teeth regularly, and sometimes floss. But I always get a terrible TERRIBLE bad breath in the morning, which is awful and really weird. Sometimes I even go wash my teeth before breakfast because it's really awful.
I've never come across anything like those tonsil stones though. Is it possible I have them since years or something? I've heard the smell can come from the stomach also. I've become a bit desperate about fixing this, but it seems nothing corrects it ._.
I normally just brush my teeth once or twice a day but if I eat something which smells or have a lot of sugary sweets, I brush my teeth again so the food doesn't have time to start damaging my teeth.
It is possible to get hidden tonsil stones, which are pretty much just where you can't see them. I wouldn't suggest digging around trying to find them though, as you could cause some damage to your tonsils which could possibly lead to infection and result in far worse breath than before.

If it's causing a huge problem I'm sure you could always go to see your GP and they could test for a cause, hopefully giving you a cure and solving your problem. :)
Yep. It gets annoying specially when I sleep over at my boyfriend's. I noticed also that my little sister gets the exact same problem and she has healthy teeth habits. :( It must be something about our genetics or something. When I have more money i'll definitely check that out. >.<
I know what you're talking about, ew. Morning breath is the worst! I mean literally the worst!

I use mouthwash when I'm in a rush or going out, it's quick and that stuff is strong.