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Battlefield vs Call of Duty


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I'm not sure if anyone here is a big gamer or not but I was just wondering what the opinions where on which game was better :p Battlefield or Call of Duty? :)

I personally think battlefield is way better over call of duty but COD is nice once in awhile.
I would go for COD, a superb game play and graphics..
My vote goes for Call of duty for sure, Their Modern Warfare series is something that is really a GAMERS' choice.. Battlefield isn't bad too, as Battlefield 3 Multiplayer mode is awesome! But overall, I would prefer COD for sure.
CoD: Is good for fast gaming and just going through it,
BF3: Is good for team work and simulations.
Definitely Call of Duty for me, it's faster that BF and I don't like how big the maps are on Battlefield, although the graphics are amazing.
Yeah BF's graphic is cool but love the gameplay of COD.
None honestly, I do not like BF or COD. I do like MOH though, it's made by the same makers of BF (Medal Of Honor) A very good game, and one of the fist war games for the PS original. Very well designed game, and has a good history.
What is the story of MOH, you are a solider who fights for a country ?