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Being Cornered because of Your Scars.

Dreek Lass

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I am a lot older now, and I have managed to get myself out of my many bouts of depression when I was younger. There was one stage, when I was in secondary school and I was not out of the closet yet, and I was depressed. I had all of this pressure on me, and so I turned to what I had seen on TV - which was kids cutting themselves for relief. So I tried it with this sharp metal toy I had. It hurt of course, but I powered through it because I felt like I had to complete it lol.

I wasn't expecting that I would have to hide them or anything. The thought did not occur to me in the slightest, and so I didn't hide them. In fact, there was no way for me to hide them when I had P.E/Gym class, because the school's uniform for P.E was a short sleeved light blue t-shirt and a skirt, or some blue sweat pants.

One of my friends saw my arm, and I was so ashamed of it. I am a writer so I am used to being able to make up stories on the spot, and I told my friends that my girlfriend's cat had scratched the insides of my arms. Of course my friends were not sold, and kept drilling my with questions. It was an awful experience, and I never cut myself again after that. The relief from my emotional pain was not much and the consequences of marking up my skin was not pleasurable to me either.

Have you ever been questioned about your scars before? If so, what did you tell the person/people who questioned you?
I tend to hide my scars around people that I know will question me about it and judge me for it.
But there was a time where it was like, 90+ degrees outside, and I had to wear a sleeveless dress because I would have died in the heat otherwise, and my aunt's boyfriend had his nephew over our house and the nephew, who was probably five or six, looked at my arms and kept asking what happened to them.
I'd just tell him "nothing". If he kept asking, I kept saying "nothing" and that was it.
I used to work in a Sainsbury's Caf? as a temporary job over the Christmas holidays, and the uniform there was a short sleeved polo shirt and trousers, so it made it near impossible to hide them.
I had a customer walk out because she refused to be served by "someone like me" and complained, at which point I had to be kept back of house to do the dishwasher (worst job ever, burnt myself 24/7) and it stopped me from getting a permanent job there even though I worked harder than 90% of the people there and others still got permanent jobs afterwards. Was pissed, not that I really wanted a permanent job on ?4.89 an hour and going through that much pain a day.