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Biggest mistake as admin


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As an admin i made a mistake of deleting a forum with 600+ members in it. It was a christian forum....even if i think about it now...i start to hate myself :(
I used to own and run a large free web hosting site. I was doing some server maintenance and ran the wrong script. Next thing I know, all my users sites were gone! Thankfully some of the sites had been backup up to a different hard drive.
My biggest mistake was, selling my old domain and database to a noob. He can't even know what a cpanel is, lol. He used top call me every minute for help, I got frustrated, and stopped answering his calls. Bad experience with that! real bad!
Sad, people don't even use google or think for a while before buggin others for these kind of help.
My biggest mistake? Allowing people I thought I trust to help me. Ended up messing everything up and making me start again. Worst mistake I've ever made and hopefully ever will.
The Philadelphia Experiment (Remake)

I just watched the remake of the Philadelphia Experiment. It was not a bad film I still like the first film better but the remake had better effects.
If the had those types of effects when the first one was made wow it would have been a great film. Not that it wasn't. I liked it but todays effect on that film would have made it great.
It is worth renting for sure. It is also based off a true story or events I should say.