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Do you buy physical books, or do you read through your technological devices?

I can get books on my phone, but I have only read samples from it.
If I'm going to read something, I want it to be physically there. I love smelling books, both old and new - and I just find it a lot more comfortable, somehow.
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I have to buy the physical book because;

1.) I hate reading books online because it makes my eyes feel weird after a while.
2.) I'm distracted by other things on technological devices.
3.) I love the feel of turning the pages.
Glad I'm not the only one who gets distracted. They have the opportunity for texts to come through, social networking and oh too much.
When I read a physical book I tend to drown that all out.
Both. It's purely a price issue for me. Books that cost ?6.99 in shops cost me half that on my Kindle. The only time I buy physical books now are specific types (I collect manga art books and books that teach you how to draw in that style, for example) or if there's an offer on (Tescos had 3 for ?5 recently) or through charity shops.

I don't have the distraction issue because my Kindle is just the basic book-reading type. No touchscreen, no web browser, no games. Just books.
I only have two books on my tablet, I have physical copies of the rest of my books.
I just prefer books, I like being able to turn pages and smell the new-book smell. Reading online/on reading devices isn't the same to me.
I prefer physical books. But because I'm broke, I have to go to Half-Price Books to get the bulk of them. Unless I REALLY can't wait to read it and my search for the books go sour at every Half-Price Books I know of, then I'll go to a bookstore. I say that as though I have options, in truth there is only one and they've basically dug their own graves.

Goodbye my beloved books. *cries*

Well, anyway, I love the feel, smell, and sensation of reading a physical book. Plus if I stare at a screen for too long, my head and eyes start hurting and I get a headache. Unless it's something I just can't find otherwise, fanfiction, or erotic fiction then I don't read it off any sort of computer screen. That said, I still do most of my reading on a computer since I have a serious problem with fanfiction and erotic fiction. The latter of which i see no point in paying for, esp. when it's probably not near as good and wont cater to my highly disturbed kinks anyway. That and I'd have to hide it, if people found out I'd just get nigh-constant looks of shame and disgrace. So somethings are better left on the computer.

But for non-smutty things, I much prefer physical books. Although if it's some story on fictionpress or something, I'll read that.

I'm not opposed to reading on electronic devices, although it's not what i prefer, but I'm not gonna pay for an electronic copy of something. I feel like i can't get truly involved then. It's like I'm looking at the story, separated by a window. When I read a physical book I can touch it, smell it, interact more with it by physically turning the pages (as opposed to absentmindedly scrolling through it). It's like reading a physical copy keeps me more invested and alert of the story. Sadly, even with a good story, i get bored quickly. So those little actions help to keep me invested and work off my twitchiness I get when i read.

That and, sure a tablet is more convenient for many reasons, but when the apocalypse eventually happens and electronic devices no longer work in the long run then it'll be lovers of physical books who'll have all the literature at their disposal. Personally, jokes aside, that's also why I don't like reading on a tablet or storing books on there. Despite the convenience, it's still just data which you lose access to if you lose power. Meanwhile, if my books are to be truly lost then you'd have to burn them or rip them to tiny shreds.

Of course, Manga is perhaps one exception. I'm fine buying it, but only if I can't find it online. Otherwise, I'm reading it online! I'm not made of money you know! Fuuuuuuu!
I buy physical books. E-readers will never compare to the feel and smell of a fresh novel.
Like the rest of you, I prefer a physical book. The gadgets can't offer the same experience as a book because the way a gadget operates is completely different from a book. It's just not the same.
I'm lucky; there is a huge used book store less than 1/2 a mile from my house and I spend hours there. When the walls of my house are about to burst because I have too many books, I just load the ones I can exchange into the truck, head to the book store (called Second Story) and swap out the old books for a few new ones. I've purchased countless hard-cover books from Second Story when I want to have a pristine copy of a particular favorite, and I have never paid more than $5 for a single one of them.
Paperbacks are anywhere from $2 to about $5, depending on the condition of the book and how much demand there is for the title.
I'll never own an electronic gadget meant for reading.
I used to buy books. Now, I am just going for ebooks.
They are easy to manage but the feel of a hard copy is hard to replace.
I don't really buy books anymore but that's more because of the fact that I just don't have the time to read a book. I just won't buy an electronic device to read a book either, to be honest. It just feels weird and boring, it's so nice to actually physically hold a book.
I prefer to read the actual book as opposed to reading on a tablet or e-reader or some other device. You can't replicate the smell of a book when you read using a piece of technology.
While I like physical books, I have transitioned over to mostly digital. There were several reasons I switched. The first was that while I am in bed and it is dark, I have found it is easier to read with an e-reader instead of getting up to turn a light on and then having to get back up to turn it off. My e-reader has a night-mode (which I keep it in at all times) so that it doesn't bother my eyes as much.

The other reason I made the change is because my local library system allows digital borrowing of books and this makes it super easy to get books on my e-reader, completely free!
I can't stand to read on a screen, even if it's a eye-friendly e-reader. I have to have the physical book, preferably own it as well (as opposed to loaning it from a friend or a library). Because of that need I end up buying a lot more books than I have the time to read.
The only time I can see myself using a tablet or e-reader for reading is if I were to travel. I could use the tablet/e-reader to do my reading instead of having to cart around a bunch of books.
I can't stand to read on a screen, even if it's a eye-friendly e-reader. I have to have the physical book, preferably own it as well (as opposed to loaning it from a friend or a library). Because of that need I end up buying a lot more books than I have the time to read.
I'd like to add that I often end up with the physical book as I work in a book store, so I get (1) the wholesale price on books and (2) I can get a free copy of pretty much any new book from the publisher.
There was a time when I used to buy 1-2 books every month, I used to read a lot. I was a fiction writer trying to make a name for myself. But later I started working as an article writer, and I stopped reading books. I don't remember when I bought a book last time.