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[align=justify]I hope many would have heard about Byethost. They offer free and paid hosting services to users. I am going to give a brief review of their free service.

For the free hosting you will get a domain like, yourdomainchoice.byethostxx.com (xx - number)

* Performance

I need to say it, it is super cool and awesome. I have never seen such a best free host ever. Its downtime and loading speed is good, a better one for a free service. Site loading and the traffic handling is nice. One drawback is that, the speed of FTP is slow compared to the other free hosting service. (which is ok for me)

* Support

A good and fast support. Once you create a ticket, the issue is addressed within few minutes maximum a day (for me within 1 hour). But less support is provided for the free hosting. For few features or help you have to be a premium member.

* Panel

Byethost provides its user with Vista panel, which is pretty decent and good for a starter too. Things you miss in them is Email (Available for Premium users). Softaculous and other script installation feature. Other than that all the basic features and details can be obtained from their panel.

Parking domain, creating DB, and other stuffs are pretty easy and fast.

That's it from me. If anyone like to add more , please reply with your content.[/align]
Bar Rescue

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I'm watching one of the my favorite reality TV shows right now: Bar Rescue. It's where John Taffer goes in like a drill instructor and literally forces people to learn how to save their dying bars and pubs. It's pretty cool. Anyone else watch it??
Spike T.V? Yes I do! I love that show, ( Spikes reality shows are actually good :) )