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Can you sleep with lights on?



I can sleep even if the lights are on.

What about you?
I can, but it takes longer to fall asleep. The light serves as a distraction when trying to sleep.
I have bouts with some fairly severe narcolepsy, so yeah, I can fall asleep in almost any conditions.
I need the lights off. I even like the lights off for watching TV.
Sometimes, but I've been sleeping with the TV recently. I would normally have The TV on for a small light source, but with the volume down. Now I have the TV turned off to save power from being on all night, and I have my mini fan as a source of noise.
It depends how tired I am. If I am tired then I can, but if I'm not I turn them off to aid in getting to sleep.
I prefer when the room is pitch black, I bought some black out blinds recently, so that the room is really dark at night and doesn't get bright too early in the morning when the sun comes up. The only disadvantage is that it is harder to get up in the morning, when the room is really dark and there is no sunlight at all getting in.