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Not much of a big review, so here it goes.

* Price Tag

One of the best thing about Ccleaner is, it is free. You can opt for paid one too. But the free version does the perfect job for a normal user.

* Cleaning & Performance

The way it take of the cleaning is simply cool. You have registry cleaner, cache and unwanted files cleaner. You get the option of uninstalling files too. Everything is done in a single step and you don't have to be an advanced user to do it. It does clean what we required in few steps and fast. No need of waiting for a long time to finish its job.

* Other

Ccleaner gets its update regularly and it doesn't take much of your space or bug with any additional tool. This tool suits all and does the work of paid softwares.

If you don't have it, do download and try it. You won't regret it and no need to worry about the junk and corrupted files.
yep, but theres risk involved in using it no? The CCleaner? like its going to wipe out all your saved data & etc?
No Naiwen, you the options to choose which junk files to delete or swipe out.
I have used this software once, It works great, cleaning up spaces from the system by removing junk files. The registry cleaner is also safe to use.

Do you guys ever go camping? My boyfriend and I have been quite a few times this year so far. We're waiting until it cools down some though.
Camping as with a tent? Its years since we did that..used to go to Snowdonia. We now have trips with a caravan. Not so exciting an experience but certainly less bugs :)
Yep, we use a tent. That's why we're waiting until it cools down some. And the mosquitoes aren't too bad in the fall as long as you keep the door zipped on the tent. :p
The thing I disliked most was crawling out of the tent in the morning and placing my hand on a Slug yukyukyukyuk :(
No unfortunately not :( I do like camping, but I don't really have people in my life that would like it, and don't want to go alone :D