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Cheap/free date ideas

Watching movies or shows together, walking along the beach (if you live by one), a swim at the lake, laying in the grass watching the sky together or something, playing in the rain, I love free dates more than I love payed dates.
Yeah go out somewhere nice for free. Do you have any nice walks near you? Parks? Pack a picnic and spread out a blanket. Could be quite romantic 8)
ZOO, CHEAP? I went there with my boyfriend but it was painfully expensive :p At least for my wallet...

As for OT: A picnic of some sort is always nice. At the beach, by the lake, in a park, in a field... so many choices :3
Even McDonald's isn't that cheap.

I thought about the beach, the beach itself is free but petrol isn't and parking is super lame, everyone should have a bicycle.
I'm going to have to go with the idea of of a picnic, all dependent on the weather of course.
It's South Portugal, it's always Sunny with a chance of hell on earth.

I thought about public swimming pools, cheaper than petrol... but very crowded.

A friend of mine suggested the beach, but during and after the sunset.
One time I didn't have much money. In fact i had just spent the money on going to the night club where I ended up meeting the young lady who asked me out on a date, and she asked me what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go after I agreed to go out on this date with her. I thought about it and decided that we should go to a field - provided that it was not raining - and buy two boxes of pizza, and just watch the traffic go by and the lights of our small town as we got to know one another and bonded in nature. It was pretty amazing.