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Do you learn coding by yourself, or take up a course for it.

Till now i have learn't it myself (beginner, not an intermediate)
Training for the ITIL Foundation Certificate can be approached in a number of ways. Traditionally, however, these tend to bring challenges of their own. For example, classroom training has to be scheduled, planned, prepared for, and is usually expensive. Online training is sometimes of variable quality, and brings dependency upon an internet connection and a stable remote server. :mad:
I learn everything on own .... never taken a course .... fustrating though I think a course or many would benefit but as said above costly!
Self learning is one of the best way to learn...in some cases a course might help
Currently i learn by my self, however before that i started HTML on w3Schools and i started CSS on w3schools, but i never finished. However, i still was able to learn HTML and CSS Very well from templates and creating my own sites. I also go into PHP recently but i am not very good at it just yet.
I have learned all of my HTML, CSS and Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc from Lynda.com. Their course is just awesome, The overall experience was really nice, as I learned a lot of things.
Nice that you shared a useful link for us. Hope this helps some learners
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