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Dating In High School?

Sort of yeah, because I hear people say, "my heart was broken. I can't live on anymore." Drama.
Now that I'm done high school I'm happy that I never dated anyone because it would have been a big waste of time. None of the guys at school were the slightest bit even physically attractive, and if you ask me they were all ****heads to begin with.
That's too bad... Don't date anyone, then. Keep your time for the nice mature men that come in your twenties.
I think you should date when you feel ready. Sexual activity, including kissing, should be the thing you limit.
It's hard to say because situations are different.

I wouldn't suggest it because of almost being tied down at a young age, but there are also people who date in high school and are together/married for the rest of their lives.
I dated at that age, I probably could have done better without it, haha.
Never dated people from my highschool. But I don't think there's a reason as to why it could be a 'bad idea'. Bad or good relationships always add to our experience as a person, and this is essential later on in life.
I think most high school relationships end up sucking in the end, but at least you will learn something from it.
Trust me. You do not want to go to uni with no experience whatsoever of relationships because you'll fall for everything.

so yeah, go dating, haxe sex if you want. LEARN.
I agree high school relationships are a learning experience. That way when you get into the real world you know that there are people out there who are jerks and will mess you up. But if you decide to have sex in a high school relationship don't do it on a whim be careful about it because odds are that relationship isn't going to last and you shouldn't make a mistake you will have to take care of forever.