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[Debate] Looks and the Music Industry


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Everyone is aware of some singers who aren't what you expect (to say the least) when performing live. More recently it has become a debate on whether looks are more important than the music in the music industry, mainly with the increased popularity of boy bands circa 1990.
Critics claim that modern day bands, like One Direction and The Wanted, for example, are popular because of their good looks rather than their vocal talent.
In fact, One Direction has a larger market with younger members of the population and were formed on the UK X Factor. Despite the fact that they didn't win the show, they have actually achieved more than any other winning act on the show.

Obviously, this isn't just going for boy bands. There are groups and single artists of both genders who it can honestly be said, sound terrible on stage when performing live.
These men and women, you will find, are great looking people. Did they get popular because of their looks, rather than their vocal talent.
Take into consideration the people who edit their songs, including changing their voices to sound better. Are they to blame because we believe they are more talented than they are, or do looks really play a larger part in the music industry than the actual music itself?