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Do you do/play any sports?


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Well guys, do you do/play any sports? I enjoy playing football(soccer). I play with my mates quite often. We play 5 aside every Friday at the local leisure center. I also like to keep fit by going to the gym as much as i can :)
I do play soccer and cricket..(but a starter)
Why are you forced to do that?
I'm not the sports type, but my parents want me to be so they make me so I play baseball.
So did it create any interest in sports or same as the old not sport type.
I used to play BasketBall, Football and soccer when I was younger.
As I grew older I would rather play them on the ps3.
Ah, I use to play sports a lot in school. Now I just occasionally play basketball or football(american) for fun with some friends.
I used to play some of them: tennis, basket, ping-pong, but now, stopped due to the fact that I don't got enough free time.
Oh nice... So how long you have been riding.
I dont anymore, I used to play basketball, baseball, football and sometimes volleyball and bowling
I used to play basketball before I got cut, I thought was pretty good. Let's not get into that.
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