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Do you enjoy living with your family?


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For those of you living at home with family; do you enjoy it? Also, how long would you like to live with your family for?

Personally I don't mind; they're nice people and they look after me well. I wouldn't mind moving out, but in today's age it's best for me to sit back and earn some money before I even think of doing so.
Question is obsolete as I don't live with my family.

[MENTION=29]Poontang[/MENTION] I also moved out at 17.
I don't particularly like living with family. I've temporarily moved out over summer, and I'll probably be moving out for good this September for uni. I much prefer being independent and living away from family, I tend to feel uncomfortable and more stressed out at home.
I do enjoy it as I love my family and get along with all of them. Sure, it'd be nice to have my own place and all that shizniz but it's not like I can afford it right now :p
I love my family and enjoy their company most of the time, but there's some issues right now which make me want to leave and I'm excited to move out.
I love living with my family. It is where I feel most comfortable and at home. I'd love to learn independantly when the time comes, but for now I like having my family with me. It makes me feel safe.
It tends to vary. Don't get me wrong I love my family, and I am grateful to have them to rely on. However, there are times when living with my family isn't easy. Especially when they are fighting, I always seem to end up right in the middle. Believe me its times like these when I don't enjoy living with my family at all.
I live with my boyfriend's family now, but when I was living with my mom, I totally didn't mind. My mom is a very easy person to live with. She works full-time, and I'm a night owl, so we didn't really butt heads since we weren't around each other to the point of suffocation or anything. She is also a very kind and helpful woman, so I was very blessed to be able to stay with her. We obviously had our moments and didn't disagree on everything, but we worked through it, and I'm thankful for having such an open-minded woman for a mother. Our current situation with my boyfriend's father is alright. He's pretty easy to get along with too. He's very quiet. He gets on my boyfriend's nerves sometimes, but we love him. He's in a wheelchair so he really needs us around, and we have no problem with that. That's what family is here for.
I love living with my family most of the time. Like Crystal said, it's where I feel most at home. At this point, I don't intend on ever getting married, so I'll be here for awhile. My family likes having me here as well. I help them out with bills and I have my own area of the house. It's quite nice, actually. That said, it isn't always pie and my mom and I argue sometimes, but we get over it.
As much as I happen to like the comfort of living with my family, they annoy the living hell outta me sometimes.

No matter what I'm doing, every time I leave my room, I have to explain what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and answer any number of questions that I neither know the answer to, nor care about. Such situations are usually followed by a playful (however annoying) mocking of my behavior.

I try not to let it bother me, because I know they don't do it on purpose (or do they?), but it still pisses me off sometimes. Sorta feels like I'm living in a prison at times. Either that, or a zoo.

I'm pretty sure I just don't like living with people, lol.
Yeah I live with my family, since I'm 15 years old haha. Too young to move out. I don't exactly dislike it but my mum's out all the time anyway so I'm used to being inside myself. My mum does get on my nerves sometimes and I usually wish I could live on my own but I'm not too bothered. I'll move out at the right time.
Hate living with my Dad and I like living with my Mum, when she's not trying to please my dad or moaning at me :p
I like it when my Dad's working away and it's just me and my mum :)

Hate it when my brother's home from Uni... he's actually the most stuck up person ever he's so full of himself and my parents basically bow down to him and forget about me o_O
Yes Naturally! bcz they are the cause why i m here in this globe. I treat them as alive gods..
I'm still living with my mum at the moment. It makes life easier and it's a lot cheaper than forking out for my own place, which at the moment I can't afford.
I plan to get driving first, and then find a job somewhere quite far away to then move to that area and meet a load of new people. :)