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Do you feel lonely when you're not with your other half?

Not really. But if it has been a long time since I didn't meet with him I start getting a bit more needy.
I tend to feel lonely also when I have an argument with my mother or something.
If you feel like you need another half, then that must mean you're only half a person. Isn't that what it means?

I don't exactly have another half, although, with that being said, I do feel lonely from time to time. Usually, though, that's a result of a lack of human contact in the first place, and not a lack of a specific person.

Yeah, I know a lot of people tend to feel that way, but I just don't really understand it. I don't understand how anyone could be lonely, just because a specific person isn't right beside them. As long as you last met on good terms... then what's so bad about being apart for a little while? Can't you just smile and wave, and be happy knowing that you're going to see the person again later?

I've never been in the situation before. I wouldn't know.
I feel lonely all the time, but that's because I don't have any friends other than who I know on the internet, so having Lauren around really cheers me up. Of course, I love being with her in general and would feel lonely anyway, but it's even more-so due to the aforementioned.
I get lonely quite easily, even though I prefer being alone a lot of the time.
I do miss Michael quite a bit when we're apart, being with him is different. I feel like I have to try so hard around him, he knows all my flaws and he seems happy enough to put up with them :p
Nope. Time apart is necessary, if you ask me. Of course, I live with my ol' man, so we're together a lot. Time away from him helps me appreciate him more.
I was one of those "gotta be attached at the hip 24/7" sorts when I was younger, but now, alone time is vital. I trust my man, he trusts me, and a couple - no matter how well they get along - needs to have their own things they do away from their significant other.
No person can be everything to another person. You need your own stuff, and you need to allow your significant other to have their own stuff.