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Do you know anyone who suffers from insanity?


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Do you know anyone who suffers from insanity? If so, how do you get on with them? Are they difficult for you to get along/communicate with?
Well, I guess there's this guy...

I don't know anyone who suffers from mental health problems. I have heard that one of cousins, suffered with some issues but he is no longer alive.
I do. He is my older brother bestfriend. He's a gay and he suffered insanity last year. He was so scary since we don't know what he will do next, he loves attention and will do a lot of stunts on the public while wearing nothing. His parents send him in a mental institution but they can't bear it that much so they decided to just bring him home and isolate him. He was good at scaping that next thing we knew he was somewhere making scene again. We always give him fruits and other snacks since he loves to eat and we just talked to him as if he was sane. After few months, Luckily he is now well and normal. He became like that because of illegal drugs.
I got a really close friend whose suffering from a post natal depression. She a bit better now but she is not the same person as before. I try to be as jolly as just like what we normally do. but it is never the same with her. she takes medicines for her to get comfortable and have good sleep.
I know an old person who does if she is taking certain psych meds. In that case, I'm very cynical about them. Anyway, she will claim people are watching her from outside her home.
I remember i was walking along with my son, who was probs 5 or 6 or something at the time. :p ... There is an older woman that lives in the same area as we do and has mental problems... So when me and my boy was walking along, my boy seen a penny on the ground, so run a few yards ahead to pick it up, but just as he got to the penny, the woman also came running over lol and started shouting thats my penny, thats my penny lol. Its not funny at all that people have these problem, it was just that particular event that was quite funny. :p My boy was fine, got a wee fright at the start and ran back to me, but he was fine, and the woman got to take the penny and she went away relatively happy too. :p