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Do you read books?


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Do you read novels, biographies....

Till now i haven't done that. Plan to do it in the coming days :D
Well yeah duh, I do read them, and tons of them in fact... Games of Thrones, Anne of Green Gables and LoTR and etc.
I love to read. i readmore then i watch tv. Right now im reading the dirty divorce series by miss kp
The Wolverine

A lot of xmen movies come out, and more so, The Wolverine is in every one of them. (Besides first class where he just made a cameo).

The new release move "The Wolverine" hit theaters not so long ago. I went and seen it yesterday and have to say, it was not all that bad. They even left a nice cliff hanger in the end if you stayed a bit longer pased the main credits.
One thing I am not really liking is the way they keep jumping from past to present in these movies. They seem to keep getting their dates and consistencies wrong. If you have seen all the movies you would be able to see what I mean

Anyhow, is there anyone who have seen the latest version of the xmen films?
What did they think o fit?

If not, are you planning to go see it soon?
I am going to wait till it comes out on DVD. I will buy it and enjoy it in the comfort of my own home :D .
I am thinking of going to see it since Wolvie was always my favorite. That said, I think I will read more reviews before I commit 2 hours to it.
No I haven't seen it, but to be honest I'm pretty tired of seeing xmen movies. I watched the trailer for this movie, and just didn't spark any interest. Probably won't watch it unless I get extremely bored or a friend offers to pay.
I haven't seen it yet but I will if I can. I've enjoyed all of the superhero movies that have come out and I've always loved the Xmen. Hugh Jackman usually does a great acting job as well.
Doubt I'll see it in the cinema as I need to save my money. But I will get it on DVD when it comes out.
I saw this a few days ago...and it was awesome. Pure awesome. The scene in the credits was the absolute best set up ever.