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Do you support death penalty?



Death penalty is a very controversial topic.

Personally I support it 100%. What about you?
Yes I do support the death penalty. If you take a life or if you mess with children, you have reneged your human rights and don't deserve to live among the rest of us, and you don't deserve for us taxpayers to support you for the rest of your miserable, worthless life while you rot in prison.
It depends. I support it, but only for heinous crimes. Predisposed killing, rape, physical-harm paedophilia. I don't believe an accidental killing should be treated the same way as one you plan. After all, if I punch somebody the wrong way, I could kill them. That's not the same as picking up a knife and going people-hunting. Similarly (and controversially) there are different forms of paedophilia. If you rape a child then yeah, your life means nothing to me. But just staring at photographs on a computer? I don't feel it's the same thing.

However, the death penalty is not an exact science. We already know that there are people in prison right now, for crimes they did not commit. We have seen people unjustly imprisoned, and released five, ten, fifteen years down the line. Now imagine if those people had been put to death, only to later find them innocent. How can you atone for that?

So, I only believe in the death penalty when there is no doubt whatsoever. Everything must be scrutinized. For if just one innocent falls victim to the penalty, the system can no longer be considered just.
@Rebecca Chambers
After reading your post I feel I should have been more specific in my own. The way you put this is also how I feel. There are cases where lives have been taken, but the death penalty would have been too extreme because of how things happened. Each situation needs to be taken on a case-by-case basis, and the death penalty should be handed down only when there is no doubt that it is appropriate.
The number of people who have been put to death and later discovered to have been innocent of the crime is WAY too high. I don't recall the exact number, but I want to say somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 executions were later found to have been exacted on an innocent person. That is unacceptable.
I guess I might support it if they could 100% prove that the person they are charging was the true culprit. There are still hundreds of people being imprisoned for things they haven't done - imagine killing an innocent person. Are you not then as bad as a murderer on the street?

Though I'm still not wholly approving of the punishment, killing someone for killing someone else just does not really make sense unless you have no other option.
I'd appreciate harsher prison sentences, a harder life for those in prison, life in prison really meaning LIFE - no bail, parole, etc. Not somewhere where homeless people would be willing to commit criminal offences to get a bed, a meal and warmth for a night or longer.
Yes I support it. An eye for an eye is true justice, unless someone wants to forgive.

I believe we are both from the same community, and we both can closely relate the latter to one of the most active cases that are running on national television "the Shahzeb Murder Case". I personally see that forgiving someone for a murder may be allowed in our society and religion but the way it is abused by people in our community who are financially and socially backed by diplomats and politicians is very very saddening. I strongly support the death penalty 110% and feel that deliberately taking a life is the lowest ebb a person can resort to. I also know that a death penalty should only be advocated when there is absolute proof of the person committing the preceding crime and only once proven guilty or confessed of the latter should it be enforced.