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Dream Location?


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What is your dream location to live? If you can provide reasoning, please do. :)

I think the place I'd love to live most is Los Angeles. One reason is simply because that's where many YouTubers live, secondly but corresponding with, I've had thoughts about becoming a YouTuber myself, and believe it would be easier if I were in LA and could collab. with the other Americans.

Glasgow is another place, closer to home, that I'd love to live. It's completely different to LA, but I do love the Glasgow-area accent and it's so beautiful. I actually was going to go to the University of Glasgow if I got the grades, but work got in the way and my grades and health kinda fell after the first year of college.
I've been youtubing for awhile now, though I haven't gotten popular lol. I live in Texas so in order to not move out of state, the best area for youtubing would be Dallas. Though if I could live anywhere, it'd probably be Japan. OH the technology!
I always imagine Japan being like the neon place on the Urbz.
Pfft, my Urbz had a better life than I have, haha.
I'd like to live in Australia. I have quite a few friends there and the people there are generally more laid back ad friendly. That and they have universal healthcare, which I would benefit from. Those are not the only reasons, but they are big ones.
My wife and I would like to visit Italy someday.
I would like to move to America. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to be British but there's a lack of job opportunities for the kind of job I want to have when I finish schooling. I'd love to live in Manhattan, New York but until I can afford to live there I'll probably move on the outskirts of San Francisco so I can work in Silicon Valley which is full of my kind of jobs. But, I'll make a final decision when I'm older and ready to move. Until then, I can just stare at the photo of Manhattan on my wall.