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Favorite type of game genre

I dislike shooting, action, and all the other boy stuff yet I'm a male. XD

I love adventure, movie games, games like Buzz and stuff like that. I also enjoy playing arcade video games.
RE: Favorite type of game genre

I like shooting, action and racing.
RE: Favorite type of game genre

RPG gamer here although I do like some shooting type games WET being one of them.
RE: Favorite type of game genre

I love strategy games the more time it takes me to crush the enemy the sweeter my victory is :)
So yeah, whats your fav genre in regards to games? Mine's rpgs, action/adventure and some racing games.
I only play MMOs. I am not currently playing one now because I do not have time, plus I have not found one that interests me.
RE: Favorite type of game genre

FB92 said:
I dislike shooting, action, and all the other boy stuff yet I'm a male. XD

I am the same. :p

Sport games like FIFA and quizzes like Scene it are more in my niche. :D
RE: Favorite Genre

Me and my friends are getting addicted Fifa 11 now.. But the funny part is we play with the least difficult level :D
RE: Favorite Genre

My favorite game genre would be, Umm, let me think!!
I love all type of games, lol.. XD
But among them, I like Third Person Shooter/Action or RPG the most. I like racing games too, if it has a good story-line.
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