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How many of you are hooked on GTA V at the moment?

I'm not too far into it (as I keep getting sidetracked with silliness), but I am thoroughly enjoying it. Starting Police chases and trying to escape in a taco van is great fun >_<
I do not own it, I'm too unemployed to dish out that amount on a game at one time. :eek:oo:
Though I have struggled to get into GTA IV to be hugely fair, but I will.
I have it, and I've completed 38.1% of the story-line so far.
Never got into the GTA series.
Ha ha. I struggle to do the proper missions, as I end up just mucking about. Last night I think I spent an hour and a half playing it and only done one small mission. The rest of the time I was making the dog attack people and trying to escape the police in a aeroplane.
I've just completed the mission where you steal the air planes and then you get the hanger. Thoroughly enjoying GTA V so far.
I'm borrowing my gf's copy at the moment. I think I may buy one myself though, I'm really enjoying it. It's not a 10/10 by any means (and anyone who claims it is, is an idiot) but it's fun enough.
The bouncers now know who I am when ever I walk in the strip club now that trevor owns it. I also decided to get myself chucked out since I was touching her too much while he was watching :p
I've finished the story. Only like 50% something complete though. I will go back and do some more stuff but atm playing F1 2013.