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Have you hacked anything


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I haven't hacked anything, but love to do one in my life :sick:
Hacked SkywaysMedia.net and their TeamSpeak 3 Servers with my friend if that counts.....
Oh, could you tell me why it was done?
They tried to hack my old company that i was starting with my friend to give out free TeamSpeak 3 Servers and Channels, and failed, as well they kept on trying to bring the company down, which never worked as we are still here today. We gave them more than enough warnings, but they failed to stop. Then they started to threaten us that they where going to hack our routers and home network, and they kept on implying that we bothered them and created fake DDoS Logs with our IP's and so on to try and call the authorities to bring us down, which still did not work. Then, they successfully hacked our systems again, and said that i had given them the password in order to break my friendship with my friend and bring the company down. He had stated that i screen shot the password to him when in fact this did not happen. They where also trying to re-recurit them into their company (Skyways Media) and kept on saying that they will give me a high possition in which i was when i quit, which i again answered NO to their offer which in the next day is when they hacked our systems. However, we did no damage to their servers or their site, we simply just gave them 2 days worth of down time on their servers.
Oh wow, a decent way of warning them to stay off. Sad some people feel jealous about others and break their relationship.
Yes, but the good thing is that we are still friends till this day and the site/company is still running and grow larger every single day, if you want the link just PM me and ill let you know :)
I think Mark would not share it.. :D It is confidential :)
Naiwen you would've hacked many things in foods :D
I was an admin on a site "I" made from scratch for a person back like 5 years back. He then said he didn't need me any more, and kicked me aside removed me of admin, and removed me from everything. I then made a new site, hacked his and redirected everything to my new site. Other than that nope :)
Frank07 said:
:eek: i don't like to hack, but love to learn ethical hacking

Ethical hacking is something I'm interested in as well. I think everyone who owns a site should learn the basics, so if they ever need to patch up a vulnerability, it won't be foreign to them. :)
I have not had the need to crack or hack for now. I've been curious about the true idea of getting to know so much out of how the computer works and how to get it to do what you want, but I don't think I have the patience.

Using hacking skills to damage other people stuff is something I probably wouldn't do even if I knew how to. maybe for a small prank where I know I can restore things the way they were or something.
Anyways, or by the way here, I don't got the talent to either so yeah!
I once hacked my bro's computer with a guest account when he forgot the password of his original account. Nothing other than that.
I did once send a virus to my enemy at school: it uninstalled Windows from his PC :D and he never came to know it was me lol