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Headphones or airpods?


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Though the airpods are a big sensation these days I don't really like it though cos it gives a little tickle in ears when I have them on.

I have always been a headphone guy because of its comfort and wideness which makes the sound evenly spread out and gives the maximum sound experience. I would use my headphones for my ps4 games and also to listen to music anytime.

What's your preference between the headphones and the airpods?
Depends on the day - I have had Airpods 1, 2 and now the Pros. I also have a few sets of over-ear headphones (and a HomePod!) and it just depends how I feel on the day.
I like to use AirPods as they are lightweight and easy to carry around. Its so convenient to have AirPods in your pockets so you can easily listen to music or podcasts when our and about. I also find them good for working out at the gym with compared to heavier headphones.
I have a pair of AirPods that I still occasionally use but they're very used and don't hold that much battery anymore. I like them but I just worry that they'll fall out my ears and I'll lose them so I only use them inside where I know they won't go missing easily. They're not bad.
I have been known to use wireless earbuds whenever I need to but I will admit, for better comfort I do prefer headphones. I find after wearing earbuds or even airpods after a while it can become uncomfortable whereas with headphones it is less likely that will become as uncomfortable and can be worn for longer periods.
Airpods are the popular ones now. Although, I don't use one, but I have seen a coupe of persons making use of it and it has been of great help to them. I enjoy using my headphones anytime I feel that I need exclusive sounds from my devices.
I don’t like airpods. I prefer regular headphones.