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Hey guys! I'm Linda, although most people on the internet call me Buffy, which is actually my dog's name, but it's kind of become my internet nickname as well. Anywoofs, I am currently 19 years old and living in Canada. I live with my parents and dog, and my two brothers are all moved out and married, so it's almost like I'm an only child.
I currently have no idea where my life is going, but my main goal at the moment is getting a job, which I find challenging because I am actually very shy and nervous and I simply panic when applying to jobs.

In my free time I enjoy several things! Mostly I watch a lot of TV and read a lot of books. I don't watch that many movies, but when I do it's usually an animated Disney movie because I absolutely adore animated Disney movies. I am very in touch with the child in me, but I am also very mature for my age... which may seem strange to you and it actually is strange to me. Can't explain it, it's just the way I am.

Other things I enjoy in my free time include animals, nature, writing, photography, music and more!

Anyway, I found this place through my friend Crystal. She posted the link on a forum I'm already on and I got curious so I figured I'd join here. Hopefully I'll stick around!

So yeah, I think that's it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'd be happy to answer them. And yeah... Bye!
Gee, I've never met you before. I'm sure you have *no idea* who I am. :p

Anyways, welcome to the other half of the internet. :)
Reg!! *pounce!*
Oh no, I totally do not know you who are... :biggrin-new:

Anyway, thanks so much! I'm happy to be here! :D
Welcome Buffy. It is nice to meet you. I will have a look around for a couple of vampires for you to slay, I am sure we have some lurking around here somewhere.

I hope you enjoy it here.;)
Hello Wizard!! It's very nice to meet you too! And thanks, I've been slacking off with my slaying at the moment, could do with some practice, don't want to be slacking off in that department. ;)

And thanks! So far I love it here! Seems like a great community!
Yay welcome to Confab-It! :D really glad to have you here and I hope you stick around :p
Hi Buffy. Before you slay this one, I am willing to help you interrogate her and see if she has been a bad girl ! :p

Lauren: Hey! Thanks so much! I definitely plan on sticking around. So far I love this place! :)

Wizard: Haha! I don't usually let people sit in on my interrogations, but I'd make an exception for you. ;)

Kirk: Heya Captain Kirk (lolzy)! Thanks for the welcome! Happy to be here!
Welcome to the site, Buffy. :eek:
Hope you enjoy it here! :)

I'm the same when applying to things. Relax, it's completely normal. :) In fact, a lot of people here will be able to talk to you about it, if you want. :D

And yes! I love Disney movies too.

And what kind of dog is Buffy ? :)
Oh. i thought you were buffy because of buffy , the vampire slayer..

huge addicted to her :)

anyways... welcome here :D
Kirk: Heya Captain Kirk (lolzy)! Thanks for the welcome! Happy to be here!

I like this! I think that Kirk should change his name to Captain Kirk as he is our fearless leader!
Phossix: Heey! Thanks for the welcome! And thanks, glad to know I'm not alone, it often feels like it, to be honest. Talking it over with you guys might help! :)
And yay! Disney movies are so great! I have a feeling we're going to get along wonderfully! :)
As for Buffy, he is a mix of Flatcoated Retriever and Border Collie, with a wee bit of Collie mixed in there. He's currently 11 years old and is still the most amazing friend I ever had.

Riven: Oh I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer too! I just love my dog a bit more. But I am enjoying the series! I'm currently in season 3, but so far I'm loving it! And thank you, glad to be here!

Wizard: LOL yes! That would be awesome! So we have Captain Kirk, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a Wizard... I think this could be the most amazing team ever. They could make a movie about us. Haha! Just kidding.
The Captain,Vampire and the Wizard. Sounds like a good movie title to me! :cool:
Liny!! Welcome! Didn't know you'd join here, so happy to see you here, hehe. ^^ <3
Wizard: Someone should write a script... I'll do it! XD No seriously, this sounds fun.

Sophie: Sophie, Sweetie! So happy to see you here as well! *huge hugs* <3

Raven: Hey Raven, thanks! I think I'm going to really enjoy it here. :)