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Welcome to X-Zone4u, glad you found your way here.
thanks jason, also i didnt recieve my d.i.c. in my p.m. is it possible to email it to me
Currently i am not able to generate any new code. Will p.m you or send an email with the code soon!
brand new and anxious to learn more. Now I know enough withtorrents etc to start getting some of what I waqnt but cant find or learn how to down load alot more things i se and would liketo get
Hope this helps you add1son.

The Hottest Politicians list.

It would seem that a list with todays hottest Politicians has been made. No I am not talking about sexiest Politicians :D . This list Has Chris Christie and Hilary Clinton on them. These are likely Runners for the next Presidential election. Christie is at the top of this list with Clinton in second. Obama is fourth. My own personal two which are Ted Cruz at 6th, and Rand Paul at 11th. For the Complete list click on the link below.