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hello there, forum-goers..


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I'd be rather surprised if anyone remembered me, but I did join at the start of this forum. My hiatus wasn't intentional, but I'm back now and hopefully to stay! I've been feeling a bit like ive outgrown a previous forum and need some change. :)
Well Rosebud welcome back. Your just in time for moving to a new server, new features, and many other things.
Thank you, I'm glad to be back. It looks like a pretty great community you guys have got here.
I wasn't here when you came to the forum and went on your hiatus, but welcome back. :)
Welcome back Rosebud, do you feel any difference in Confab-it now? Or does it still give you the same feeling?
^Not sure if I can say, wasn't super active here my first go around. I will say though that i'm glad to see there are members of a broader age range and not just the younger ones. Was worried I'm come back to another solely teen forum or that I'd be dead D: Twas pleasantly surprised so far
Welcome back :D

It looks like you've come back at just the right time.
Welcome back, I don't think I got to know you or anything, so I'm Sophie! Nice to meet you. ^^ Happy to see you came back.