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Hello i am Sixth, i use forums alot and looked at this place and wanted to join.
I even own my own small forum, but i wanted to join one that had members :p . So hello!
Hello Sixth, happy to have you here..
Activity Borg

My new friend Activity Borg will be helping with thread creation. He will be posting stories in relevant forums as they become available. It's gonna help us get active and bigger faster. :)
Should be fixed. Doesn't matter anyways as long as you can see the threads it creates lol. I only added 3 feeds for now that update every 6 hours. So that's only a couple new threads a day really. Just want to keep thread production up ;)
Yea, I'll start brainstorming some topic ideas and see what I can do
Nicholas said:
Lol too many topics :p

Ya, RSS to forum may end up be more trouble than what it is worth :p

I have done this before and it did not turn out to well. It is always much better to have a real human create topics and threads for you.