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Hello everyone I am NBK*Twitch. I found this site surfing through the internet and decided to join.
Hello Twitch, we are glad you joined us!!
Hello and welcome to the forum,

I hope you'll be active, and thanks for joining!

Hope to see you around!
Internet Age Limits

After years of being on the internet and even being a child on the net myself it is humbling for me to admit that I honestly think the internet needs an age limit. I have met some really cool kids on the internet that really show that they are mature enough to make the place better for the rest of us - lets get that out of the way right now. However I've seen more trolling, being immature, and throwing temper tantrums then the ones who are worthy of being here. Think about it. 90% of the trolling and spam is caused by children. Now the argument has come up that there are some really good kids on the web....true. However I've met some really good underage drinkers as well...and I don't think the legal limit should be lowered either. Kids are just too immature and their behavior depresses the entire web and lowers the standard for those of who just want to get **** done. I would not object to an age limit for internet use with the exception of .edu websites. Children do not need to be off .edu websites because that's all they honestly need for school anyways - we do have these things called books they can use as well. I would much prefer if use was 18 or older.

I know this unfeasible, I know this unenforceable, and I know no one would ever do it. However. Lord knows if the technology is present by the time I run for office...so you've got a good 10-15 years to grow up, then I"m doing it. Right now....you can just discuss whether you think it should be or should not be.

Make your case.
I am probably the oldest so far on the forum. I would have to say the age limit right now unofficially is 13. Most sites will not allow you to sign up for anything unless you meet that age requirement. Anything younger I feel is stupid because in reality they are not mature enough to participate in conversation. Even at 13 kids are still immature. I am personally will put anyone in their place if need be. Though I can usually tell when I am speaking to a teenager by what they say. So yes I would say there should be an age limit.
I think they should keep kids off the net just to stop them from watching porn.

Say's the guy with the porn star avatar :rolleyes: