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Do you or anyone you know have Heterochromia? :)

Heterochromia is a condition that makes someone's eyes different colours to each other, for example, people like David Bowie have this condition.


Other celebs with Heterochromia;
Elijah Wood
Mila Kunis
Simon Pegg

Some of it is very unnoticeable.

I personally believe I have this as my eyes tend to change colour and are different. I think one of my eyes is blue and the other, green. However, it could just be natural slightly different colouring :p
Anyone similar? :)
you see it a lot in cats because of crossed species.

In humans, not so much so it's rare.

I don't find it interesting or boring.
I really hate to step on your toes, but David Bowie doesn't have Heterochromia. ):
His eyes are the same colour - it's his permanently dilated pupil from an incident when he was young. It's greatly mistaken as Heterochromia, but even in the picture you produced, you can see that his eye colour is the same and it is in fact his dilated pupil effecting the appearance.

I don't know anyone personally with the condition, but I like rareness in eyes. I always wanted a Husky with one blue and one brown eye haha!
I love my eye difference because of my so-called eye-defect, where I have a red-brown thick line going from the pupil to the edge of the iris in my left eye. XD

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Well how about that! Google needs an update lmao!
I think with the iris difference, one eye looks a lot lighter than the other so it's easy to mistake it :p