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Many countries have problems with hooliganism. For example, England used to have a huge problem. Now, Greece has an upcoming issue with hooliganism. Do you know what hooliganism is? What do you think about it? Many governments have failed to reduce it. Do you think that it can be reduced? How?
Personally, I think that there is not logic in hooliganism. Hooliganism is violence. It can be reduced if governments want to. If the authorities create new and strict rules, I believe that something will happen. I don't know more things about this matter, so I will be waiting for your replies.​
"Hey. I like this team and you don't. I'm going to beat you up and/or stab you now."

I hate people who take these stupid things so seriously. It's caused nothing but problems - innocent people get hurt because they're overzealous.
I personally just can't believe some people can be so stupid and spiteful. It's worrying to say the least.
I wouldn't say there is a problem with hooliganism in UK Sport. I'm a season ticket holder for my local football team and there's roughly 8000 or so of us in the stadium a week and I haven't noticed any problems. In these sort of things yes there is always a small minority who're stupid and ruin it for everyone else but that's the same for everything.
Lots of people are very small minded and any sort of heated debate is usually left only with words and not physical violence.
UK sport isn't as bad to be fair, if you compare to the stuff happening in other countries.

I personally think hooliganism is just a general issue throughout the UK ;_;